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Olson & Olson has extensive experience in all aspects of estate planning, but the average client needs to know a few basics to help them provide for their loved ones when they die and to feel more confident about the future when considering their current circumstances. While plans can get complicated, estate planning attorneys aim to simplify the process by focusing on the basics of providing support and financial stability for a spouse, preserving assets for future generations, supporting a charity or other worthy cause, ensuring that all your assets (including retirement accounts and life insurance policies) will pass according to the client’s wishes, minimizing taxes and expenses, and ensuring that the individuals you choose will be able to make decisions for the client in the event of incapacity.

With our extensive research capabilities, we can help clients will all of the following: determining you goals for the future, evaluating your assets, determining how state or federal transfer taxes might affect the distribution of your assets, why the gift tax is important and how gifts during lifetime might inure to the benefit of both the client and possible heirs, drafting wills and trusts, determining when to use an irrevocable or revocable trust, and demonstrating how assets transfer to others. Through extensive consultations with clients, we develop strategies for how to advise clients how to achieve their estate planning goals. The different strategies include outright bequests to loved ones, disclaimer plans, credit shelter trusts and marital share plans, and other more complex options.

Finally, we describe various other documents that could be part of any comprehensive estate plan. These include durable powers of attorney, health care proxies, living wills, and other essential documents. After reviewing all the available options, we endeavor to craft plans that meet individual client needs, serve the interests of both present and future generations, and accomplish all this with minimal intrusion and expense.


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